If you'd like to order please get our catalogs here and send us an email at info@italianloves.com with your requests. Come visit us on Facebook as well!

All items are packed and shipped by a specialized food and beverage freight forwarding company. They travel in temperature controlled containers, so there is no problem of overheating or freezing. The packages follow customs procedures, always stored in temperature controlled warehouses prior and after shipping. The final delivery to your address is provided either by DHL, UPS or FEDEX, giving you a DOOR-TO-DOOR service. The shipping price is inclusive of all  mentioned above and most importantly it includes insurance on all the products purchased.

The products are shipped in boxes which can contain up to a maximum of six/twelve items/bottles each. If you purchase 1 or 2 or 3 items the cost of the shipping will be calculated on the single piece, while if you ship 4 or 5 items (and you can do that) you pay the shipping for 6 because the shipping rate goes from 3 to 6. From 6 items on the charge is calculated in multiples of six so while it is not a problem if you ship 9 items, you should be aware that the cost of the shipping is for 12, and so on. In order to save on shipping cost, the best thing to do is to order in quantities that are multiple of six.

Please consider that
- 3 jars of spreads and pestos equal to one spot in the case
- 2 bottles of balsamic vinegar equal to one spot in the case

The average shipping time is approximately 4 weeks from the order date to the final delivery.


Shipping Limitations:

If you need any further information feel free to contact us at info@italianloves.com


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